A Blog Name Change: Should I Do It?

Should I Change My Blog Name?
Changing your blog’s name can be scary.  After moving from Blogger to WordPress, I swore I’d never rename my site.  Yet, here I am contemplating doing just that.

Why on earth would I change my blog’s name?

Well, there are several reasons why:
  1. Your blog’s name and url don’t match (a major SEO no-no).
  2. The name is too generic.
  3. The name is too narrow.
  4. You chose a name on a whim without researching trademarks or the domain’s background.
  5. The url is too long or hard to spell.
  6. You simply found a better name.

For me, it’s reasons 2, 4, and 6.

The name is too generic:

I chose Tinker Bell’s Treasure thinking a universal blog name was better.  I knew this would be first and foremost a doll-related site, but I wanted the option to write about other topics too.  However, Tinker Bell’s Treasure is so all-inclusive that no one knows the primary subject is dolls and toys unless they find out via other doll blogs or social media.

Ultimately, I am a doll blogger and want this site to appear when you google “doll blogs” or “doll reviews”.

I chose the name without doing proper research:

In the words of Rani, I like to do things in a wingbeat.  I want things done FAST!  Because of that, I tend to rush things, such as picking out a good blog name.  When I decided to self-host, I wanted to get started immediately and researching a domain was just another step to slow me down.  Oh, how I wish I would have stopped to think about it.  Tinker Bell is clearly a trademarked name!

Now, that’s not to say you can’t use Tinker Bell as part of your blog name.  Lot’s of blogs have trademarked names in their title.  However, if you want to build a brand or use your blog to earn money, it’s better to pick a unique name.

I found a better name:

There is no shame in changing your site’s name for a better one.  Believe it or not, this happens to bloggers all the time.  You pick out a name, it sounds great at the time, but after a year or so you realize it’s just not right for you.  I love the name Tinker Bell’s Treasure, but I feel like it doesn’t accurately represent me as a blogger.  Yes, I talk about dolls, but I also write about Marvel Legends and Hot Toys.  I need a name that goes both ways and doesn’t sound like a boutique.

I’ve made my decision, so what happens next?

Change the domain name:  Most of this will happen behind the scenes through my WordPress Dashboard and c-Panel. All you should see is a new name at the top of this site and a new address in the search bar.

Fix watermarked images graphics:  I quit watermarking my pictures last year, but a few still have Tinker Bell’s Treasure stamped at the bottom. Those will have to be changed and re-uploaded.  I will also need to update all of my Pinterest graphics.

Update pages and posts: The words “Tinker Bell’s Treasure” is all throughout this site (it is/was the name, after all). So, I’ll need to go through each page and post and replace the old name with the new one.

Fix broken links and set up 301 redirects: Renaming your site always leads to a temporary drop in traffic.  Still, I want to keep that to a minimum, so I’m going to make sure 301 redirects are set up and fix any broken links.  I’ll also be informing Google and Bing of the change.

Update Social Media and RSS:  Instagram and Pinterest will stay exactly the same except for the name change.  Bloglovin’ is a little trickier but will also be updated.  Our YouTube channel name will change; but, since YouTube doesn’t let users update videos, some videos will keep the old Tinker Bell’s Treasure opening.  Followers of this blog shouldn’t be affected.  If for any reason, though, you stop receiving updates after the domain changes, just re-subscribe.


This isn’t necessarily a rebrand–just a rename.  The content will remain the same.  The banner above will look identical (save for a new name).  And I’m not ready to let go of my glittery, fairy wing logo, so even it’s staying.  The only thing changing is the name and url.

So, what is the new name?

The Doll Blogger.

I think The Doll Blogger fits this blog and its topics better than Tinker Bell’s Treasure.  Honestly, I’m very excited about the new name.  It’s straightforward, not too long, and describes what this site is about–a blog about dolls!  I’m ready to start work tonight, but am forcing myself to wait a week before switching domains.

The official name change day is March 24th.

Next Monday, Tinker Bell’s Treasure will become The Doll Blogger.  There is a good chance the site will be down that day, and some pages might look wonky while I’m updating links and images, but construction shouldn’t take too long.

As always, feel free to leave a comment (I’d love to hear what you think of the new name).  Also, if things go smoothly, I will document the process and post a tutorial if that’s something you’re interested in reading.

Thank you guys so much for supporting this blog by reading and subscribing!  I look forward to seeing you next week and sharing more doll finds and reviews!


  1. I like your current name better than your new one. 🙂 It just reminds me of the spirit of the blog.

    1. Author

      Tinker Bell’s Treasure does convey the light-hearted personality of this site. I thought about keeping it as a craft blog and moving just the reviews to The Doll Blogger. It would be a little more work than simply switching domains but is an option.

  2. I agree with Barb the Evil Genius and what she said above, your new name feels kind of generic to me. It definitely does describe the content of your blog though, and since that’s what you’re going for, it’s a good name! I hope all the work you’ll have to do for the name change goes well, good luck!

    1. Author

      Hmmm…maybe I am going too generic (again, not my goal). Naming things is clearly my achilles heel! But, like you mentioned, it does describe the site, which is something I wanted. I did have one one other name in mind–A Girl Out Of Time–I’m not sure sounds like a doll blog, though🤔. However, if you guys like it better than The Doll Blogger, please let me know😀!

  3. Honestly, I feel like your new name is a little too generic. It is more descriptive of your blog’s content, though, and I’m sure you’ve thought about the new name a lot. I’ve been blogger Barb the Evil Genius since at least 2005, so I use that handle everywhere, but I did have to pick a different name for my doll blog, as I have an “everyday” blog already with Barb the Evil Genius.

    Have you ever been to Dollsville, USA’s blog? They have a disclaimer on the top of their blog that they are not associated with the Dollsville Dolls and Bearsville Bears toy store. The name Dollsville is rather generic, though. I mean, there may very well be a doll store out there called Dolltown, and yet it’d make a good blog name too.

    1. Author

      You’ve got a point about it possibly being too generic (something I didn’t necessarily want). But it does describe my site better than “Tinker Bell’s Treasure”. I thought about using my own name (Amanda), but it’s so…dull. Plus, believe it or not, there are a lot of “Amanda” bloggers out there. The last thing I want is to get confused for someone else.

      I’ve visited Dollsville Dolls and Bearsville Bears but never seen Dollsville, USA. I’ll have to check it out! True, I could put up a disclaimer and that would be fine. However, I’d love to have a name that’s uniquely mine, which is why I’m looking to move away from a trademarked one.

      Dolltown would make a terrific blog name! It’s 100% adorable. Knowing me, I’d do something dorky like “Dolltown Abbey”😆.

  4. I can relate to blog name conundrums! I love the one you came up with, it’s perfect. While I’ve always decided against name changes, I have redirected links, and it’s kind of a pain. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad. Good luck!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your feedback! I hate changing names too. It’s a hassle and can confuse people. Still, I feel like it’s inevitable. I’m glad you like “The Doll Blogger”😀. Hopefully it better describes this blog than “Tinker Bell’s Treasure”.

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