September Doll Haul Recap

Wow!  I think I need to preface this post by saying that when I mentioned collecting all the characters from Ever After High, I was mostly joking.  My wish list really only included:

  1. Apple White (with her original faceup)
  2. Madeline Hatter
  3. Meeshell Mermaid
  4. C.A Cupid (she’s pink…need I say more!)
  5. Jillian Beanstalk 
  6. Melody Piper
  7. Holly and Poppy O’Hair
  8. Faybelle Thorn (Part of me finds Faybelle…entertaining, so I was really hoping to find her.)

Not necessarily every character, just a few of my faves.  Since most stores around here have quit stocking Ever After High, I figured it would be a while before I had the opportunity to add more.

However, as the month of September drew to a close, I had a crazy streak of doll hunting luck!

Tuesday Morning Haul:

I had seen Melody Piper at our local Tuesday Morning and decided to go ahead and pick her up while I could.  Unfortunately, Melody wasn’t there☹.

But guess who was…Ever After High Dolls

Yes!  Apple White, Madeline Hatter, and Briar Beauty  I totally freaked!

Imagine, Apple White at our little Tuesday Morning and for only $8.00!  We purchased all three because, even though Briar Beauty wasn’t on my list, she was one that Sister wanted. 

Each doll had a slightly damaged box.Apple White, Madeline Hatter, Briar Beauty Dolls.The ‘booklets’ that came with Madeline and Briar Beauty were bent, and one corner of Apple White’s box had caved in slightly.

But that didn’t matter to us because the dolls themselves were in decent shape.

Ever After High Dolls: Apple White, Madeline Hatter, Briar Beauty.

Their only issue was a bit of greasy hair.

Doll Hair

This was quickly remedied by washing their hair with hot water and mild conditioner.

The hot water wash got rid of the stickiness and now Apple, Maddie, and Briar look gorgeous!

Apple White Doll With Book Background
Apple White


Briar Beauty Doll With Pink Background
Briar Beauty


Madeline Hatter Doll With Cocoa Background
Madeline Hatter

I intend to go back and restyle Apple and Madeline’s hair (I’d like for them to have a few more curls), however, Sister beat me to Briar Beauty.Briar Beauty Doll With Fishtail Braid

After washing it, she braided Briar’s hair into this pretty fishtail braid.   

I would have to say that Tuesday Morning has provided our greatest doll haul thus far!

Doll finds of September 2017! @paradisepinkdolldiaries

What’s that?  Where did the couch Apple is sitting on come from?  Well, I’m not sure it counts as a haul (I didn’t have to go anywhere to get it), but it was another exciting buy so I’ll go ahead and add it to our September doll roundup.  

The Amazon Haul:

I’ve been considering getting the Ever After High 2-in-1 Castle but wasn’t willing to pay full (or even half) price because my intention is to repaint it and I didn’t want to be out a lot of money should the project go awry.  

However, Amazon recently had one of these castles marked down to $25 as part of their open-box deals (open-box means the item was returned or has a damaged box).  This was something I couldn’t pass up! 

Ever After High 2-in-1 Castle
Sorry about the cat face! You have no idea how many nosy felines I have to crop out of the pictures I take!

Once the castle arrived I looked everything over but couldn’t find anything (besides the box) that was damaged or missing.

Ever After High 2-in-1 Castle Images

Like I said, the plan is to repaint it and change the paper inside the walls to something else.  I want it to look shabby chic instead of…Ever After High 2-in-1 Castle Walls

…High school baroque?  Animated medieval?  I seriously have no idea what to call Ever After High’s style!     

Along with castle, I allowed myself to get C.A Cupid and Meeshell L’Mer, and Sister purchased her most wanted doll, Darling Charming.Ever After High Dolls: C.A Cupid, Meeshell Mermaid, Darling Charming

 This pretty, pink dolly is Birthday Ball Cupid:

Ever After High Birthday Ball Cupid

I debated between Birthday Ball Cupid and the original for a while but ended up choosing this one because I liked her pinkness.

C.A Cupid Doll
She is too cute!

Here is Meeshell Mermaid:

Ever After High Meeshell Mermaid DollMeeshell has been on my wishlist FOREVER!  Thankfully, because she was released more recently Meeshell is easier to find (and more affordable) than some of the other dolls.  

Then we have Darling Charming:

Ever After High First Chapter Darling Charming Doll

Ever After High Darling Charming Doll

Let me just say, Darling Charming is BEAUTIFUL!  Her rococo-ish style is simply gorgeous!

The Unexpected Find: 

Now, for the final doll find of this week…

Ever After High Faybelle Thorn DollFaybelle Thorn!

Finding Faybelle was a complete accident.  She was at…wait for it…HEB!  Yeah, probably the last place I’d think to look for a doll.  But, lo and behold, that’s where this Ever After High royal was…pushed to the back of a bottom shelf at the grocery store.

Right now, I feel fairly confident that I’ve confiscated each and every Ever After High doll from the stores of our small town.  

Now, I vow to go on a doll buying hiatus and not make any more purchases for some time…well, at least till Christmas!  Hopefully, this will give me a chance to work on some of my other projects (a few non-doll ones), plus I’d really like to do a couple of hairstyle posts (for dolls, of course😉).  After watching too many YouTube videos, I’m feeling the need to give Apple and Maddie some curls!

I hope you enjoyed this review of our latest finds!  We look forward to seeing you soon with more doll fun, updates, and (hopefully) some easy crafts! 


  1. Yes, we had a lot of amazing finds this month. I'm particularly excited about the castle (hopefully it turns out as good as I'm imagining it).

    I know, my sister and I were so happy to get Darling with her accessories. Amazon is great for finding EAH dolls, but it's hard to know whether you'll get an original edition or re-release.

    And Cupid😍. She is such an adorable doll! She has plenty of pink, but it's not overly bright or harsh..just a pretty rose pink.

  2. Congratulations on your EAH haul! That is a very good price on the castle, and that's great that you found one of the older Darling Charmings, with her diary and jewelry.

    I prefer Birthday Ball Cupid to her signature style too.

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