Review Of The Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Dolls by Hasbro

Hopefully, y’all aren’t getting tired of my Beauty and The Beast mania because today we are going to review the…

Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Dolls By Hasbro

Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Belle And Prince set by Hasbro!

Yes, I finally got this set and am ready to tell you all my yeas and nays regarding these dolls!

Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Dolls

Let me start by mentioning that (as of 2017) the only way to get The Prince from Beauty And The Beast is to buy this set.  At one time Disney Store sold Belle’s Prince along with their other Classic Prince dolls, but not anymore.  Nope, in 2015 he was turned back into Beast and has remained that way since.

These dolls are made by Hasbro and are supposed to resemble Belle and The Prince from the live action movie.  They can be found at Toys R Us or for about $39.99 (plus tax and shipping).

Let’s start by taking a look at Belle:

Royal Celebration Belle Doll

Let me be straight with you, I’m a hardcore Disney snob and really didn’t think I would like Hasbro’s version of Belle.  But, once I saw her in person, I was pleasantly surprised.

She has a minimal amount of makeup and short brown hair that is loosely curled in the back.

Hasbro Belle  Hasbro Belle Doll

Hasbro Belle's Hair

Now, this isn’t the exact same style that Belle wears during the Celebration scene (which is more of a low, braided bun), but it’s close enough that I can let it slide.

Belle has some articulation:

Belle Doll Holding Arms Out

She can move her head from left to right, move her shoulders, and bend her elbows and wrists.

However, her legs can only move at the hips and she has zero knee articulation:

Belle Doll With Hard Plastic Leg

To be honest, I’m not super impressed with Belle’s limited range of motion or the plastic used to make her😒.

Unlike “normal” Barbie doll legs (which tend to be slightly flexible when they’re not articulated) the legs on Hasbro’s Belle are a hard, hollow plastic.  I tend to be old school and, if the doll is not going to be articulated, prefer the look and feel of a traditional Barbie doll.  In my opinion, the plastic used for this doll feels cheap.

Here is the Celebration Dress:

Hasbro Royal Celebration Doll Dress And Shoes

Again, this is the only product so far that features a Barbie-sized version of Belle’s beautiful Celebration outfit.  This is essentially her wedding dress and the one she wears when dancing with the Prince at the end of the live action film.

Celebration Dress Bodice  Celebration Dress Skirt

The dress is all one piece.  It is mostly white, satin overlaid with a sheer, rose print fabric.  There is a pink, tulle rose attached where the bodice and skirt connect.  Even though it does not have any fancy crinolines or additional skirt layers, the dress is nice to look at.

Then, of course, we have the shoes!

Celebration Shoes Front  Celebration Shoes Side

They are completely white which makes them kind of bland.  But they do have that 18th-century vibe so I’m hoping I can gussy them up using a little craft paint and some tiny gemstones.

Even though I’m disappointed by the cheap feel of her legs, I do like Hasbro’s Royal Celebration Belle:

Royal Celebration Belle Doll Review

The soft expression on her face is pretty and her Celebration dress is lovely—I can’t wait to try it on my Disney Store Belle!

Now, let’s have a look at the one and only Beauty And The Beast Live Action Prince:

Hasbro Royal Celebration Prince Doll

Well, he’s definitely not as detailed as the Platinum Edition Prince, but he’s also several hundred dollars cheaper, so I think we’ll cut him some slack😉.  Hasbro’s Prince has blue eyes and a small, genteel smile.

Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Prince Doll

His hair is brown and sculpted into a ponytail in the back.  In my opinion, The Prince’s hair is more blonde than brown, but I don’t want to be overly critical so I’m going to try and ignore this minor detail.

The Prince’s articulation is very basic.  In fact, it’s so limited that I didn’t even bother to take pictures of it.  His five joints are his head, shoulders and legs which means he can turn his head to the left and right (but not up and down), move his arms up and down (no elbow joints though), and move his legs at the hip (no knee joints and no rotation at the knees).  Very simple, very plain, very…dull.

His Celebration outfit consists of a shirt, vest, coat, trousers, and a pair of shoes:

Royal Celebration Coat  Royal Celebration Pants

The coat, vest, and white shirt are all one piece and close using a strip of velcro in the back.  The white undershirt feels like normal fabric; however, I’m not sure what material the vest and coat are made from?  They are sort of rubbery so maybe some kind of vinyl?  Anyway, the vest is light blue and gray, and the coat is light blue embossed with a dark blue, floral pattern.  His trousers are periwinkle blue and also have velcro.

Here is a look at his shoes!

The Prince's Celebration Shoes Front  The Prince's Celebration Shoes Side

They are a tanish-grey color (the picture makes them look darker than they really are) and have a periwinkle blue bow painted on their fronts.

Like Belle, The Prince has hard plastic legs.  What’s worse though is that his legs are painted white!

Doll With Hard, Painted, Plastic Legs

Finding out that The Prince’s white stockings were painted onto his legs was a real bummer for me. They make his legs look ghostly and, quite frankly, cheap.

Overall Opinion:

This review was tough for me because I was really excited to get these dolls and really wanted to like them.  Unfortunately, they have a few glaring flaws that I can’t ignore.  Here’s a quick list of my gripes:

  • The limited articulation–I’m sorry, but for $40 these dolls should have had a much broader range of motion.
  • The quality of the doll–I don’t like the hollow, empty sound you hear when you tap on their legs.  It just screams CHEAP!
  • Painted legs–12-inch dolls with painted legs are a huge pet peeve of mine.  I can understand painting leggings on smaller dolls (like some of my 4-inch fairies) but doing it on a Barbie-sized doll is ridiculous.  It just furthers my suspicion that the manufacturer is trying to cut corners.

Had this set been priced better my opinions might be different.  But for $40 I expected the dolls to be much better quality.  However, this was the only way to get a live-action version of the Prince and I guess Hasbro is taking advantage of that.

I am still curious though how he will look with my Film Collection Belle…

Hasbro Beauty And The Beast Prince And Disney Store Belle Doll

Ooo, that’s kind of nice!

Hasbro’s Celebration Dress is actually too small on my Disney Store Belle (it doesn’t close in the back), but at least it gives us a glimpse of how the Film Collection Belle would look in such a pretty gown.

Here’s a link to our YouTube video showing this set:  “Beauty And The Beast Royal Celebration Belle And Prince” Review

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Okay, we’re done….you girls can go and have fun.

Image Of Hasbro Belle And Disney Store Belle Dolls

Image Of Cinderella And Fairy Godmother With Speech Bubbles


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