Marvel Studios Legends Series Tony Stark and Mark I Review.

Tony Stark and Mark 1 have landed in my mailbox!  I’m freaking out! Hasbro releasing a Marvel Legends Tony Stark for their Marvel Studios: First Ten Years line is a big deal for me since I never got the one that came with the comic subscription. But, dang it took a long time for this 2-pack to come out!  Then, when it did show up on Walmart’s site, there was either a big fat out-of-stock or no longer available message next to the image. Whether they were selling out that fast or if it was a glitch in the site is a mystery to me,Read The Post

Avengers 4 Theories--Loki.

My Marvel fandom runs deep. Superheroes and fairytales are part of me.  It was only a matter of time before posts like this popped up. Avengers: Infinity War left us with death and destruction.  Many believe the heartache will continue in Avengers 4 (whose name is top-secret) by killing off the remaining heroes. But I don’t want to see Cap laid to rest, Tony sacrifice himself to save the world (again), or Loki strangled to death–oh, wait, that already happened. So, I thought we’d explore some Avengers 4 theories that don’t have a tragic ending, starting with Loki.   No Resurrections This Time–Will Loki’s Return?Read The Post

Welcome back, friends! First, I’d like you all to know how much I enjoyed reading your comments about Petra and hearing that you’d like to see more customs!  I’m thrilled you liked how she turned out and can’t wait to get back to work on my other custom who’s a little more involved. Now, let’s get to today’s review: Iron Man! Yes!  The Marvel Studios First Ten Years Iron Man has made his way to my mailbox! This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Can you believe it! Ten years ago, our favorite armored superhero (I’m sure you know who I’mRead The Post

I’m sure you’ve noticed my doll collection revolves mostly around Disney and Ever After High.  I’ve yet to review an actual Barbie, and the doll clothes I buy or sew are always for a Disney or Ever After High character. Well, that’s because I don’t collect Barbies. Oh, I love Barbie!  I just don’t love some of the changes made to her in recent years.  The new Fashionistas are fantastic.  Their diversity and uniqueness are amazing, and I get the urge to buy one every time a new line is revealed. What holds me back?  Their cheap, unarticulated bodies. Seriously, I’d have a lot moreRead The Post

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Blind Pack Review

Meet the latest additions to the Cabbage Patch Kid community: Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts!  Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts are tiny figures resembling the soft-bodied dolls many of us grew up with. Though I missed the Cabbage Patch chaos of the eighties, these classic collectibles are still popular and were one of my favorite playthings when I was a youngster.  Even now, two of these one-of-a-kind dollies sit nearby waiting for me to notice and give them new outfits. Since I have many nostalgic memories of my Cabbage Patch family, I was interested in reviewing the new Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts and thought they would makeRead The Post

Doll Review: Spring Unsprung Lizzie Hearts

I hope you’ve got some time to spare because this is one looong review!  You might even consider bookmarking it for later. As you all know, I prefer crafting my own doll rooms, accessories, and whatnots and typically don’t buy doll playsets–well, except for that beautiful castle I’m still working on.  It’s not that I don’t like playsets; I just don’t need them.  Plus, playsets are often more expensive, so I like to avoid the extra cost and focus on just the doll. However, even I, the playset snob, couldn’t resist Spring Unsprung Lizzie Hearts and her spellbinding, book-shaped dorm room! Mattel released five versionsRead The Post