Why I Switched From Blogger To WordPress.

Would you like to take your blog to the next level by upgrading to a self-hosted WordPress site, but not sure where to start or if the investment is even worth it? Well, you’re not alone! I was in that exact same boat last year.  I hosted my blog on Blogger for two years before finally diving into the deep waters of WordPress.  And you know what?  I couldn’t be happier! So, today I thought we’d take a break from our usual doll related topics to talk about the advantages of self-hosting and why moving from Blogger to WordPress has been the best decision I’veRead The Post

Doll Craft: Crocheted Easter Basket For Barbie Dolls.

Yikes!  I can’t believe it’s almost April!  That means Easter is right around the corner! Egads!  I totally forgot to make Easter crafts! That’s a great idea, Tink! We will be crocheting in the round to make this basket, which means the first we need to do is create a center ring or “magic ring”. Making the Magic Ring: Loop the yarn (or crochet thread) around your index finger twice. Insert the hook through the center of the loop (between your finger and the yarn). Yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop, then yarn over and pull through to make a chain stitch.Read The Post

Doll Review: Dexter Charming And Nina Thumbell Feature Image

It’s a challenge I suppose every collector faces: How to nab that special trinket without spending an arm and a leg. The closer I come to completing my Ever After High collection, the more I find myself encountering this particular situation. So far, I’ve managed to get: Yes, I am still working on the Ever After High castle!  Besides the stairs, all that’s left to paint are some of the smaller accessories, like the locker, couch, cafeteria counter, and Raven Queen’s “throne”.  But that’s for another post. Today I’d like to show you two of my most recent acquisitions: the costliest purchase and biggest score yetRead The Post

How To Make A Laptop For Barbie Dolls.

I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to get back to crafting!  There’s a mile-long list of things to make and clothes to sew floating around in my head, and the time has come for me to turn those ideas into miniature realities. So, this week I updated my dolls’ tech with some new laptops! Want to see how I made them?  Then dust off your tinkering tools and let’s start crafting! To make the laptop you will need: Laptop Printables from our Printables And Freebies page. Scissors. Glue. Cardstock, paperboard, or heavy construction paper. Mod Podge and a paintbrush.   Go ourRead The Post

How To Make A Blog Button For Your Blog

Today is all about buttons!             No, not that kind of button.  I’m talking about blog buttons. While they’ve fallen in popularity over the last few years, many bloggers still enjoy displaying special images on their site called blog or grab buttons. The idea of a blog button is simple.  It’s an image linked to your blog with an HTML code beneath it that other bloggers can copy and paste into their own site.  When a blogger “grabs” your button’s code, your image will be shown in their blogroll, sidebar, or wherever they post their blog buttons. Why And WhenRead The Post

I hope you’re ready to get wet because today I am going to show you how to wash your doll’s hair plus style it into an adorable bow! “Which lucky doll will be the recipient of this new do?” you ask. Everyone, meet Blondie Locks from Ever After High’s Through The Woods collection. I am still (slowly) trying to finish up my Ever After High collection, and Blondie Locks was another character I hoped to get.  However, poor Blondie came with a bad case of messy box hair. You can see here where some glue has leaked onto the hood of the cape.    Read The Post