Doll Craft: How To Make Markers For Your Dolls!

Hello, everybody! You probably remember the photo story that Tinkerbell wrote a while ago (you can find it here) showing how she a Finding Dory Giant Coloring Book for Tinker Bell, my Disney Animator doll.  However, poor Tink failed to tell you how she made the crayons for the book!                   Here are the little crayons that Tink made: In all honesty, they are pretty simple.   Nothing more than wooden dowels cut to size, then sanded, colored with a permanent marker, and wrapped with a little construction paper.  Part of me thinks they might even be a little too simple. So, I recently updated theRead The Post

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Yes, I know.  Our “Happy Thanksgiving” post is late.  This post was supposed to go up on Thanksgiving Day, however, it got delayed due to me having a terrible migraine….ugh😩. So here is our slightly late, but still happy, Happy Thanksgiving post! I’m pleased to report that our dolls had a wonderful Thanksgiving party.  Elsa, Anna, and Cinderella put their trunks together to make one large space so that everyone could gather and mingle. Drisella baked a lovely turkey for their Thanksgiving meal and some chocolate chip cookies for dessert (apparently the pie didn’t turn out so great):         The dolls enjoyed chatting and catching each other up onRead The Post

Doll Craft: How to make hair bows for your Barbie dolls

I love hair bows!  They provide a quick way to dress up any doll’s outfit.  Thankfully, they are also easy to make.  Cute bows can be created out of almost any material, such as fabric, felt, ribbon, duck tape…..even fuzzy chenille sticks! Usually I prefer bows made from ribbon; however, I recently used duck tape to make Elsa a Finding Nemo bow (to go with her Finding Nemo dress) and am thrilled with how it turned out!For extra dimension, I placed two bows on top of each other (with one being slightly smaller than the other) before pinching and taping around their middles. I think it adds a nice touch:) While I was making thisRead The Post

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Hello, everyone!  Tinkerbell here today! This past week has been super hectic for Mandy and her sister, so I’ve offered to write this post for her.  She has been out of town every day, mostly going to appointments.  Usually, I get to be her traveling companion, but yesterday she decided to take those silly tsum tsums! Well, two of them at least. Spoiled tsum tsums! I should be the one going on a road trip!  Hmm, what should I do to get my mind off this injustice?  Maybe some of my fairy friends would like to play or build something or…I don’t know…anything! Maybe Vidia would like toRead The Post

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We’re back with the second installment of our Disney Animator doll clothes lineup!  So much fun!! This time Elsa gets the spotlight with her new, extra special dress—and no, it doesn’t contain a single snowflake…..or snowman. Instead of using typical Frozen themed fabric (which I can’t guarantee won’t happen with future garments), I used fabric printed with a few famous fishies! I was originally going to make a T-Shirt and shorts outfit using Pixie Faire’s “Trendy T-Shirt” pattern designed for AG Wellie Wishers dolls.  Like I mentioned in the last post, I can usually alter an American Girl pattern to fit my Disney Animator dolls.  True, I may end up sewing the pattern once or twiceRead The Post

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Hi, everyone!  For the next two posts, I thought I’d show off some of the outfits I’ve designed for our Disney Animator dolls.  This first one will feature Tinker Bell and her adorable, pink, fairy dress! This is officially the cutest outfit in Tinker Bell’s wardrobe! Below are pictures of her other two outfits.  The first is her “Cowgirl Shirt and Jeans” and the other is her “Birthday Dress”: Even though the Fairy Dress is my favorite so far, I think all three outfits turned out pretty good.  Especially given that they all came from patterns designed for 18″ dolls.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I have yetRead The Post