Doll News: New Beauty And The Beast Dolls From The Live Action Movie

Live Action Beauty And The Beast dolls are now available at Toys R Us! The dolls released so far are made by Hasbro (no actual Disney Store dolls) and were all found at Let’s take a look! Disney Beauty And The Beast Grand Romance Playset: This set contains both Belle and the Beast and is described as a “deluxe duo”. It comes with: Belle doll Beast figure Belle’s dress, shoes, necklace, and hairpiece. Belle and the Beast are dressed in their ballroom attire.  The box has a picture of their live-action counterparts dancing on the front.  The website description refers to the Beast as a “figure” and not a doll.  I’m not sureRead The Post

Doll Review: Cedar Wood From Ever After High

Woo-hoo! We are back and wishing everyone a happy New Year! Now, let’s talk about dolls!  While I have seen “Ever After High” dolls in stores and browsed through other collector’s online reviews, I have yet to own one myself…until now! Yes!  I received two of these awesome dolls for Christmas!  Well, actually I received one and Sister got the other, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that there are now two, new, gorgeous dolls to pose, photograph, sew cute clothes for, etc…. But what is “Ever After High”?  Here’s a little background for those who would like to know: Ever After High is a line of fashion dolls (started by Mattel inRead The Post

Doll Craft: Christmas Hats And Collars For Tsum Tsums

We are so excited!  Christmas Day is almost here!!  We have our dolls nicely outfitted in their new Christmas wear. But what about the Tsum Tsums?  We can’t forget them, can we? Of course not! So today we are going to make holiday accessories for our mini Tsum Tsums. Let’s get started! To make a Santa hat you will need: Red felt White bulky yarn Elastic cord (or a cut hair tie) White pom-pom Needle and thread Scissors Cut a small square of red felt.  The size doesn’t have to be precise.  Just make sure it is not too big. Fold it in half and sew a straight line down one side. Turn the felt squareRead The Post

Doll Fashions: Holiday Dresses For Disney Animator Dolls

Welcome to our dolls’ Christmas Fashion Show Part Two! This time our Disney Animator Dolls get to have the spotlight. Let’s start with Tinker Bell and her sweet, Christmas kitty themed ensemble:                   Tinker Bell is wearing a red, knit sweater that has three cats embroidered on the front; black, knit leggings; and a pair of super cute, “UGG” style boots. Remember this sweater? It was the topic of my “Red Sweater Saga” post.  Saved from the brink of craft condemnation, it’s now ready for the world to see! These black leggings compliment Tink’s red sweatshirt perfectly!  I needed a break from Velcro, so I used black knit fabric and anRead The Post

Doll Fashions: Christmas Dresses For Mini And Barbie Dolls

Today we are going to have some holiday fun with a post showing off the Christmas themed dresses I made for my fairy and Disney dolls! Let’s start with a bit of fairy finery: These two fairies may be twins, but their dresses are very different:Tink is wearing a lovely, hunter green, Christmas patterned dress; while her sister, Periwinkle, sports a wintry, snowflake schemed gown. Vidia’s stunning, strapless dress has a red top, and a skirt covered with wreaths and bows.  However, it’s Rosetta who really steals the show!  Her gown is sewn from red, satin fabric then trimmed around the top with white, lacy ribbon, and faux fur at the bottom. Elegant isRead The Post

Have you ever made something that you were extremely proud of, then had a stroke of bad luck that almost ruined your beautiful handiwork? Well, this very thing happened to me just last week. Christmas is my favorite holiday. So, naturally, I’ve been eager to work on some Christmas-y sewing projects. My first project (and the one that almost didn’t make it) was this red, knit sweater: This was originally an old, Christmas shirt of mine that had hardly been worn (let’s just say I don’t look good in red), but I thought it had the potential to be a super cute doll shirt. I just love the little cats embroidered on the front!😻Read The Post