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Today I am doing a review of Elsa and Rapunzel from the Disney Animators’ Collection.  The Disney Animators’ Collection is a series of 16″ dolls, designed by Disney, that portray the Disney Princesses as toddlers. Those who know me know that I am partial to teeny, tiny, fairy-sized dolls and not usually interested in dolls over 12″, but the Disney Animators’ Collection has definitely won me over. And now I’m pleased to announce that Elsa and Rapunzel have joined our dolly family!  Just so you know, Elsa came from the Disney Store while Rapunzel was purchased through Amazon. I’m telling you this because I’d heard that some of the Disney Animator Collection dolls bought from Amazon were (somehow?) notRead The Post

Doll Craft: How To Make Doll Food Using Craft Foam

Let’s do something different for today’s post (give everyone a break from plastic canvas) and make some miniature meals for our 12-inch dolls! This is a really fun DIY project that works great for Barbie and similar sized dolls. Hobby Lobby rarely puts their dollhouse miniatures on sale, so (except for a large box of Coca-Cola) the fridge in the Dream Camper has been relatively empty. Since I couldn’t let my fairies starve, I decided to create food for them using craft foam.  Here is how I made these tiny doll vittles: Supplies: Craft foam (not the thick size) Scissors Glue–I used craft glue, a glue stick, and hot glue. Bottle Caps–or anything thatRead The Post

Doll Craft: Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Dressing Room

Here we are with another plastic canvas creation for dolls!   This time it is the Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Dressing Room by Kooler Design Studio: I love the Annie’s Attic pattern I’ve been using but wanted to change things up a bit, so I chose this pattern to create a home for two very special dolls.  Of course, I changed all the colors and added my own little tweaks.  Before I get into customizing though, here is a look at the materials called for in the “Dressing Room” pattern versus what I ended up using: Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Dressing Room: 12  3/4 sheets of stiff 7-mesh plasticRead The Post

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O…M…Goodness! Meet the newest addition to my tsum tsum collection, Elliot! Along with the highly anticipated “Beauty And The Beast” tsum tsums, Disney Store released medium and mini tsum tsums of “Elliot” (from “Pete’s Dragon) on August 2nd.  Apparently, these guys were pretty popular because they sold out immediately!  Thankfully, I was able to purchase this one (a mini version) and today Elliot finally arrived in the mail! I will do a brief review of him before bombarding you with adorable tsum tsum photos!   Here is Elliot with his tags still on.  He arrived in great condition.  No smears or smudges.  He appears to have suffered no damages during his travels.  The Elliot tsum tsums are designed after the cartoonRead The Post

Doll Craft: Plastic Canvas Doll Case Inspired By Frozen

We’re back with another Plastic Canvas post!  I know—didn’t I just write a plastic canvas post?  Yes I did.  However, in this post, I’m hoping to go into more detail about customizing and making the case look the way you want it to and not just what the pattern calls for, and what better example to use than our…. Frozen Inspired Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Case!   This case is a work of art if I do say so myself!  Like Cinderella’s case (which is shown off by Cinderella in the previous post: Cinderella’s Travel Case), it’s based on the Annie’s Attic “Fashion Doll Travel Case” pattern. Here is a brief list of materials called for in the Annie’s Attic pattern: Seven artist size sheetsRead The Post

Doll Craft: Plastic Canvas Case Designed For Cinderella

If you’ve visited our Pinterest board or Facebook page you’ve probably seen the Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Travel Trunk that I created for Cinderella back in 2015. I made it following this plastic canvas pattern by Annie’s Attic: This was the first doll case I had created and at the time I thought it was pretty good, but looking back on it there were a couple of mistakes I made that have really started to bug me. First off, you really can’t read the words. It’s supposed to say “Have courage and be kind” (a quote from the movie) but the words are barely legible.  The other thing isRead The Post