Doll Craft: Make Visa Cards For Barbie Dolls

If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ve probably noticed our little “re-design”.  Over the last week, I’ve spent time beautifying and tweaking things to make sure that everything looks pretty and loads quickly for our readers. I am now completely thrilled with it, however, I feel if I read one more HTML code, I’ll go bonkers😵! So today I’m taking time off from coding to post a super easy doll craft: How To Make Doll Visa Cards For Barbie Dolls: That’s right! Visa cards for dolls! I recently discovered a simple way to make doll-sized credit cards that doesn’t require printing. Due to some recent purchases from, I’m drowning in little leaflets advertising Disney visa cards, like this one:Read The Post

Doll Review: Gaston From Disney's Film Collection Doll Series

It’s time for our final Beauty And The Beast doll review.  I’ve had so much fun photographing the dolls and writing the reviews that I’m kind of sad it’s over.  I suppose it’s time to get back to sewing and crafting though…I have several plastic canvas projects that need to be finished! So, without any further ado, let’s see the last doll: Gaston from the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Doll Series! Everyone seems to agree that Gaston is the best-looking doll in the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection series and, I have to say, he is pretty handsome! Gaston has sideways glancing eyes and a small mustache painted around his lipsRead The Post

Doll Review: Belle And The Beast From Disney's Film Collection Doll Series

We’re back with another review of Disney’s Film Collection Beauty And The Beast dolls!  Today’s post will feature…. Belle and The Beast From Disney Store’s Film Collection Doll Series! Let’s start this review by looking at Belle in her beautiful yellow ballgown! Madame Garderobe has struck!  Belle is now fully adorned in her stunning ball gown and ready to dance! Let’s stop for a second and take a closer look at this enchanting yellow dress!The bodice is sewn from yellow, satin fabric, and has a glittery tulle overlay with lots of gold details. Like Cinderella’s gown, the bodice is not attached to the skirt and can be takenRead The Post

Doll Review: Village Belle From Disney's Film Collection Doll Series

THEY’RE HERE!!! Finally, a beautiful package containing the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Dolls has made its way to our front door!! These dolls are so detailed that it’s impossible to cover everything in just one post.  So, instead, we’re going to do a series of reviews!  A video review and three written reviews!!  Obviously, this is one of our written reviews😉  But, at the bottom of this post will be a link to our video. Alright, we’ve waited long enough…let’s finally have a look at these lovelies! Village Belle from the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Doll Series! Village Belle comes in a set along with Gaston. She is articulated in the elbow,Read The Post

Review: Winter Belle And Beast Tsum Tsums

Exciting things are happening around here!  The start of the new year is always a busy time for us, but this year has been especially crazy.  Why is that? Well, for starters my mare is soon to have a foal!  This will be a first for both of us–she’s never had a foal and I’ve never had a mare with a foal.  The whole family is extremely excited! We’re all working to ensure her stall and pasture are in tip-top shape.  According to my calendar, she is due in about 5 weeks. Another thing I’m prepping for is—CHICK SEASON🐣 Yes, chick season is right around the corner which means our local feed store will get aRead The Post

Doll News: Film Collection Beauty And The Beast Dolls

Oh boy! Disney Store has finally released their collection of Live Action Beauty And The Beast dolls! If you’ve recently googled “live-action beauty and the beast dolls”, you’ve probably seen all the controversy about the JC Penney Belle looking too….masculine I guess?  In fact, I think the doll has been recalled due to everyone’s negative reaction.  Apparently, though, lots of collectors feel that Disney Store dolls and JC Penney dolls look very similar, and there was talk about the Disney Store Belle being terrible.  So, I was pretty anxious Sunday evening (yes, I am one of those crazies who stays up till 2:00 AM waiting for Disney to release their long-anticipated items) and was hoping that my loyalty to Disney wasn’t about toRead The Post