Disney Store 2017 Classic Prince Phillip Doll Review

Disney Store 2017 Classic Prince Phillip Doll Review

Welcome back to my plethora of doll reviews!  Today we will be looking at…

Review Of Disney Classic Doll Prince PhillipPrince Phillip from Disney Store’s Classic Doll Collection!
I purchased Phillip from the Disney Store, along with the new Classic Hans doll, back in August.  I’m not gonna lie, my original intention for getting Phillip was to do a body swap for my Hasbro Prince.Disney Classic Phillip And Hasbro PrinceIt’s no secret that I’m not too pleased with Hasbro’s Beauty And The Beast Celebration dolls (even the Disney logo can’t make up for their cheap manufacturing).  However, after getting Phillip out of the box and standing him next to Hasbro’s doll, it became clear that swapping these two would be impossible.Disney Prince Phillip and Hasbro Beauty And The Beast PrinceBesides the fact that the Hasbro Prince is too small and would look out of proportion on Phillip’s body, he has a completely different shaped neck hole and peg:
Hasbro Prince Compared To Disney Store Prince

So, even though my idea of giving Hasbro Prince a new body went up in smoke, I’m okay with it because now I can introduce Phillip to our collection!Disney Classic Doll Prince Phillip With Blue Background

 I’ve always liked Prince Phillip.  I think it may have something to do with his horse…
*Trying to convince Samson to follow the sound of Aurora’s singing*
Image Of Prince Phillip And Samson
Oh, come on! For an extra bucket of oats, and a few carrots?
 *Reaction after Samson jumps a log, accidentally tossing him into a stream*
Image Of Prince Phillip After Falling
No carrots.

 Yes, I can relate! I’m sure it was obvious in my review of Prince Hans that I really like Disney Store’s Classic Prince dolls.  Quality is a big deal to me, and I feel that Disney’s dolls are great quality for a reasonable price–even if they are lacking in articulation.

A few years ago (in 2015, I think?) Disney started using the same face molds from their Fairytale Designer dolls on their Classic dolls, giving the Classic dolls a more movie accurate look:Close Up View Of Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip has brown eyes and eyebrows.  His skin is fair, without any freckles or extra blush, and his lips are a neutral color.

Here is a look at his left and right profile:Image Of Prince Phillip Right And Left SidePhillip has a strong jawline and nicely proportioned nose.  He has molded hair that is painted brown.

His bangs have a windswept look (from riding Samson around, no doubt), and the back his hair is sculpted into little waves:Image Of Back Of Doll Hair

Prince Phillip has seven points of articulation.  He can turn his head to the left and right:Image Of Doll Head ArticulationHowever, he is unable to tilt it up and down.

His shoulders move up and down:Image Of Disney Classic Doll Shoulder ArticulationThe puffy shoulders on Phillip’s outfit interfere just a little with his arm articulation.  When wearing a different top, his shoulders can be raised higher than what this picture shows.

Phillip also has an elbow joint on each arm:Image Of Prince Phillip Doll Bending Elbow

Here is a better look at the joint:Image Of Disney Classic Doll Elbow JointHis forearm can bend both forward and slightly backward.  The elbow does not rotate, and he does not have any wrist articulation (only the Classic Princesses have wrist articulation), so Phillip’s hands always face his sides.

His legs move both forward and backward at the hip:Image Of Disney Classic Doll Leg ArticulationThey can also be rotated out to the side, allowing Phillip to do a small side split.  However, since he is not able to do the splits while wearing his pants, we didn’t get that picture😉.

Even though he lacks perfect knee joints, Prince Phillip is able to sit down:Disney Prince Phillip Doll Sitting Down

Disney’s Classic Prince dolls have what I call “click” or “bendable” knees:Image Of Disney Classic Prince Doll Knee Joint

It is not a fully functional knee-joint but does flex and stay put when pressure is applied.  I’m sure there are those who feel that this is an inferior type of knee.  I, personally, would rather have this than a doll with hollow, plastic legs that are painted white.

Prince Phillip’s outfit is fairly simple.  It consists of a tunic, a pair of pants, and a pair of boots:Classic Prince Phillip Doll Outfit

Here is a closer look at the tunic:Classic Prince Phillip Doll Shirt Front And BackIt is primarily dark navy.  The only embellishments it has are puffed shoulders with alternating light and dark red stripes, and a black, faux leather belt.  The puffed sections at the shoulders are a shiny, satiny material, but the bottom of the sleeves are sewn from the same navy blue fabric as the rest of the top.  The shirt has an upright collar and closes in the back with velcro.

Phillip’s shirt is nicely finished on the inside:Doll Shirt Turned Inside Out

After having the sleeve on Animator Belle’s dress rip, I was a little concerned that Disney had started taking shortcuts with their doll clothing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case…at least with their Classic dolls.  The outfit (or onesie😉) that my Classic Hans came wearing was very nice, and it seems that Prince Phillip has an equally well-made outfit.  In fact, you can see that the edges where the red satin meets the navy fabric are serged!

Like his tunic, Phillips pants are sewn from navy fabric (I think it may be linen):Pair Of Doll Pants

Pair Of Doll Pants Turned Inside OutSince the pants are dark, they are lined on the inside to keep them from staining Phillip’s legs.  They are also hemmed around the top, at the end of each leg, and close in the back with a small piece of velcro.

Prince Phillip completes his 14th-century look with a pair of boots:Pair Of Doll Boots

The boots are a soft, black color.  They are more flexible than Hans’ boots and have a larger opening in the back, making it easier to slip them on and off Phillip’s feet.

I just love Phillip and am secretly kind of glad the body swap didn’t work out!  Right now my collection is predominately girls, so I need a few more Princes to even things out, and Phillip is the perfect character for me to add!  The only thing I wish he had is a red cape.Disney Classic Doll Prince PhillipI’ve read that medieval era clothing tended to be simple, but Phillip’s costume seems a little too plain.  I think the addition of a red cape would help this.  I guess I need to put it on my list of things to make!  And a cape is something I could pull off without a sewing machine!

Well, there you are, folks!  Our review of Disney Store’s Classic Prince Phillip from 2017!Disney Classic Dolls Prince Phillip And Prince Hans

Let’s finish things up with a few final pictures:Doll Photo Story: Tink Talking To Prince Phillip Doll Photo Story Image Two Doll Photo Story Image Three Doll Photo Story Image Four Doll Photo Story Image Five Doll Photo Story Image Six Prince Phillip Doll With Dark Brown BackgroundVery nice.  Very…masculine for sure.  I may have to talk with Phillip about pink backgrounds…maybe I can bribe him? Image Of Phillip Doll Asking For A HorseImage Of Tinkerbell Doll Mumbling To HerselfImage Of Tinkerbell Bringing Maximus To Phillip Since Prince Phillip shares my love for horses, I wanted to get a couple of pictures of him with a horse:Prince Phillip Doll On MaximusPoor Max!  He looks more like a cute pony than a valiant steed!  I would have used one of my Breyers for this shot, but they are in storage😕.  I think Maximus is pretty close to the size of a traditional Breyer anyway so it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.  Phillip would still have been a little tall for his mount.Prince Phillip And Horse (Maximus)

I think this picture might be perfect for Phillip’s profile though…he has a horse and a non-girly background! Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be back next week with another exciting review!Tinkerbell Doll With Pink Background And Speech Bubble

Any guesses who could it be?


  1. Yes, Phillip and Max are definitely going to have lots of fun😉 Cerise Hood…hmmmm…not a bad guess!

  2. Awesome review… and it looks like Prince Phillip and maximus will have amazing adventures together.
    And I think I know who the house-mate may be, It is Cerise Hood? or one of the enchantimals?


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