An in-depth review of Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys.  Hot Toys.  Every time I search for Iron Man action figures the name “Hot Toys” appears on my screen. Who is Hot Toys and why are they so special? Hot Toys is a manufacturer of high quality 1:6 scale figures.  Most of their figures portray celebrities and popular icons, such as characters from the Marvel Universe, DC Comics, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and even Belle from the 2017 Beauty And The Beast film. Yes, their products are amazing.  The realistic appearance of their figures is mind-boggling; as if someone took the actors and actresses and shrunk them down to doll-sized proportions.  But theseRead The Post

My Little Pony Blind Bag Review

I hope you’re ready to have some fun because today is blind bag day!  That’s right, and I am super excited because we are going to open nine My Little Pony Blind Bags! I found these blind bags at Michael’s Craft Store, and I think they were about $3 each.  To be honest, I’ve had these blind bags for several months but wanted to catch up on some of my other reviews before opening them.  So, the reason I can’t remember the exact price is because they have sat on my dresser waiting for some time. These blind bags are Wave 20 from the MyRead The Post

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Haul

Get ready for a blind box mega haul because today we’ve got five–that’s right FIVE Disney Shopkins blind boxes to unwrap! I am really hoping that today is my lucky day and I’ll get some of Cinderella’s home decor. Oh boy!  It’s the first box and we’ve already found some of Cinderella’s items! I’ve got a good feeling about this batch of blind boxes 😉 In this box we have a Collector’s Book, a purple tile, and a bag with our mystery items. The cup is light blue with a magenta colored pumpkin painted on it. Isn’t that cute! The alarm clock is light blueRead The Post

Hello friends!  In our last post we reviewed the Madame Alexander’s Iron Man Inspired Fan Girl, so today I thought it would be fun to take a look at another of my recent Iron Man acquisitions: The Iron Man Civil War Action Figure! Yes, I have embraced my fangirldom, and I’m not the only one to do so around here. This Iron Man action figure is a gift from Sister, who also happens to enjoy Marvel.  She bought this figure for me after she purchasing a Thor action figure for herself and seeing how cool he is (isn’t she the best😊). While I get dibsRead The Post

Review: Disney Shopkins Blind Boxes

I was checking out the toy aisle the other day, seeing if there was anything new, when I saw these…These blind boxes are part of the “Shopkins Happy Places Disney Collection” (at least I think that’s what they’re called).  I found them at Wal-Mart for about $3.97 per box. I have been waiting FOREVER for our local Wal-Mart to stock these, mostly because I love, love blind boxes but also because these are Disney themed!  It’s a match made in heaven!  According to the description, there is one tile plus three surprises hidden inside. On the back of the box is a picture of aRead The Post

Doll Review: Disney Animators' Littles Playset

Last week I received a very special gift… …TWO Disney Animators’ Collection Micro Playsets!Aren’t they absolutely adorable!  Just look at those tiny figures😍 I’ve seen these playsets before on Amazon and had seriously considering buying one; however, it’s a good thing I didn’t because last week a dear friend surprised me with a couple for my birthday.  And the playsets she picked out couldn’t have been better–Tinker Bell and Frozen!!  I think I let out a tiny squeal when I opened the package! The playsets came in a square box decorated with drawings of the characters as toddlers: The boxes say, “Disney Animators’ Collection Littles”Read The Post