A Quick Update Plus Avenger: Endgame Marvel Legends and Hot Toys!

Welcome back, everyone!  Before we get into today’s post, I’d like to apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere.  Rest assured, I haven’t died, been kidnapped, or snapped into oblivion. Nope.  Instead, it’s ol’ adrenal insufficiency that has me down.  The weakness, fatigue, and dreaded migraines flared up over the last few days leaving me unable to work on any crafts or unbox any dolls.  It’s a shame too because I was preparing to bump my blog posts to twice a week (ambitious, I know!). I’m still working towards that twice a week goal but, until my body is stable again, posts may be intermittent.  SinceRead The Post

Avengers 4 Theories: Tony Stark.

Wow, the Marvel Universe is hopping!  Every day something new pops up either confirming or shedding new light on trending Marvel theories and rumors.  Right now, the hottest subject is the Avengers 4 title. A few weeks ago, Jeremy Conrad revealed the possible title of Avengers 4 on his website, MCU Cosmic.  According to him, the title is Avengers: Annihilation.  While Disney nor Marvel have confirmed this, it’s starting to look like he is right. Kevin Feige recently gave an update saying the first Avengers 4 trailer will drop before the end of the year.  Most believe it will come the last week of November,Read The Post

Avengers 4 Theories: Captain America.

Is this it?  Is this the end of Captain America? For the last eight years God’s Righteous Man has inspired audiences to stand against evil, never give up, and watch their language.  But, according to recent headlines on Marvel news sites, the Man Out Of Time is running out of time. Steve Rodgers: He’s the skinny kid from Brooklyn who doesn’t like bullies.  He undergoes Dr. Erskine’s “Super Soldier” experiment hoping to join the army and protect America and its allies from Nazi Germany.  After receiving the serum, he triples in size becoming the lionhearted defender we have today.  Steve Rodgers is Captain America. HeRead The Post

Avengers 4 Theories--Loki.

My Marvel fandom runs deep. Superheroes and fairytales are part of me.  It was only a matter of time before posts like this popped up. Avengers: Infinity War left us with death and destruction.  Many believe the heartache will continue in Avengers 4 (whose name is top-secret) by killing off the remaining heroes. But I don’t want to see Cap laid to rest, Tony sacrifice himself to save the world (again), or Loki strangled to death–oh, wait, that already happened. So, I thought we’d explore some Avengers 4 theories that don’t have a tragic ending, starting with Loki.   No Resurrections This Time–Will Loki’s Return?Read The Post

How To Make Catnip Toys For Your Cat

I have some exciting news to share today!  Just this month one of our rescued cats had a litter kittens!That’s right!  Five of the tiniest kitties you’ll ever see! You see, besides being a typical do-it-yourself kind of family, we are also major cat lovers!  In fact, I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have at least one cat in our household; and any feline that’s ever crossed our threshold has been a rescue. This Mama Cat was no different: When we first spotted her wandering through our yard she was starving, malnourished, and wormy.  It was a pitiful sight: However, after few bagsRead The Post

Tips For Saving And Storing Sewing Patterns

I don’t know about you, but keeping sewing patterns intact and able to be used over and over is important to me.  I mean, if I’m going to spend my hard-earned cash, I want whatever I buy to be around for a while (unless it’s a chocolate chip cookie.  Then I’ll make an exception😉). But most sewing patterns (particularly those bought in stores) come printed on thin tissue paper and are easily torn.  Also, once opened, it’s almost impossible to fit the pattern back inside the envelope unless you cut out the individual pieces which means you now have fragments of tissue floating around justRead The Post