Crafts Under Construction.

Where have all the craft posts gone?  Well, with the house under construction, my ability to craft is limited. This is why I have strayed a little off topic lately and created other things like Marvel fan videos (I’ve done three so far–it’s addicting! You can watch them on our YouTube channel). Still, I can only go so long without doing a doll-related craft.  So today I thought I’d show you some of the things I’m slowly working on. Craft Under Construction 1–The Ever After High Castle: Yes, the Ever After High Castle still exists, but it’s being re-repainted.  I thought giving the castle aRead The Post

Image Of Elsa Holding Snowball With Icy Swirl Frame

Snow?  What is snow?  Where I live, the closest thing we have to snow comes in a glass globe.  Each year as Christmas draws nigh, and we start watching our favorite holiday shows, I wonder to myself what it’s like to throw a snowball, build a snowman, or make a snow angel.  “But,” I tell myself, “it would take a miracle for it snow here.” SNOW!! Yes, last Friday we had an early Christmas miracle!  Actual snow!  I seriously couldn’t believe these little flakes were falling right in front my eyes!  I admit it’s far from the blanket of white that covers the ground inRead The Post

5 Gifts To Give Doll Collectors This Christmas

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started your holiday shopping… So, Tinkerbell and I decided this was the perfect time to write a gift guide for doll collectors. We’ve compiled a list of five items that we feel are sure to please any doll lover and their doll! Gift Idea Number 1: Never underestimate the power of a good sticker book!  Stickers are an awesome gift for doll lovers, especially those who enjoy crafting for their dolls.  They work great for decorating dollhouses and some can be used to make dollhouse miniatures. Gift Idea Number 2: Small charms are excellent accessories for BarbieRead The Post

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Yes, I know.  Our “Happy Thanksgiving” post is late.  This post was supposed to go up on Thanksgiving Day, however, it got delayed due to me having a terrible migraine….ugh😩. So here is our slightly late, but still happy, Happy Thanksgiving post! I’m pleased to report that our dolls had a wonderful Thanksgiving party.  Elsa, Anna, and Cinderella put their trunks together to make one large space so that everyone could gather and mingle. Drisella baked a lovely turkey for their Thanksgiving meal and some chocolate chip cookies for dessert (apparently the pie didn’t turn out so great):         The dolls enjoyed chatting and catching each other up onRead The Post