Doll Review: Cedar Wood From Ever After High

Woo-hoo! We are back and wishing everyone a happy New Year! Now, let’s talk about dolls!  While I have seen “Ever After High” dolls in stores and browsed through other collector’s online reviews, I have yet to own one myself…until now! Yes!  I received two of these awesome dolls for Christmas!  Well, actually I received one and Sister got the other, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that there are now two, new, gorgeous dolls to pose, photograph, sew cute clothes for, etc…. But what is “Ever After High”?  Here’s a little background for those who would like to know: Ever After High is a line of fashion dolls (started by Mattel inRead The Post

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Today I am doing a review of Elsa and Rapunzel from the Disney Animators’ Collection.  The Disney Animators’ Collection is a series of 16″ dolls, designed by Disney, that portray the Disney Princesses as toddlers. Those who know me know that I am partial to teeny, tiny, fairy-sized dolls and not usually interested in dolls over 12″, but the Disney Animators’ Collection has definitely won me over. And now I’m pleased to announce that Elsa and Rapunzel have joined our dolly family!  Just so you know, Elsa came from the Disney Store while Rapunzel was purchased through Amazon. I’m telling you this because I’d heard that some of the Disney Animator Collection dolls bought from Amazon were (somehow?) notRead The Post