Hot Toys Figure Review: Tony Stark.

Hello, friends and welcome back!  Today I have a very special eBay find to share with you! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have an inkling who my new prize is as I posted several pictures of him during Sideshow Collectibles’s Collect-A-Day May challenge.  Hopefully, I didn’t spoil the surprise too much. It’s no secret that I stalk eBay looking for dolly bargains; however, dolls aren’t the only thing I search for.  I also keep an eye out for Avengers related items, and by that I mean Hot Toys figures. Yeah, those don’t come around very often, especially if you’re looking for aRead The Post

The Hunt For Ever After High: Through The Woods Poppy O'Hair

Hello, friends and welcome back to another Ever After High doll review!  I sure hope I’m not boring you with all these Ever After High posts–if I am we can always switch to Marvel😉! But if you’re still enjoying this look back at some of our favorite Ever After High characters, then keep on reading because today is going to be a lot of fun–plus there’s a little surprise at the end! Now, let’s get started with today’s review: Poppy O’Hair! Poppy O’Hair the daughter of Rapunzel and Holly O’Hair’s twin.  While her red-headed sister is a Royal at Ever After High, Poppy prefers hangingRead The Post

The Hunt For Ever After High: Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair.

Darn it!  My blogging schedule has been completely thrown off.  I was in the writing groove and doing well posting once a week when it happened: INFINITY WAR! I warned you about my fangirl tendencies!  Instead of working on Ever After High reviews like I should have, I spent the last week researching Infinity War theories, ogling the newest Hot Toys Iron Man at Sideshow Collectibles, and (of course) watching Avengers: Infinity War with Sister.  I’m dying to spill the theories we’ve come up with about how the next movie might play out, but no spoilers today! No, today we are resuming our hunt forRead The Post

Doll Review: Dexter Charming And Nina Thumbell Feature Image

It’s a challenge I suppose every collector faces: How to nab that special trinket without spending an arm and a leg. The closer I come to completing my Ever After High collection, the more I find myself encountering this particular situation. So far, I’ve managed to get: Yes, I am still working on the Ever After High castle!  Besides the stairs, all that’s left to paint are some of the smaller accessories, like the locker, couch, cafeteria counter, and Raven Queen’s “throne”.  But that’s for another post. Today I’d like to show you two of my most recent acquisitions: the costliest purchase and biggest score yetRead The Post

Doll Review: Madame Alexander Marvel Fan Girl Captain America

Since Toys R Us has announced their decision to close 182 stores between now and April, I figured I’d better swing by our local store and pick up a special dolly still on my wish-list. I swear I’m not planning to buy the entire Fan Girl collection, but I had to get Captain America! While I was at Toys R Us, I took the chance to look around and see what they had (or didn’t have) in stock.  Not surprisingly, they didn’t have any Ever After High dolls.  But, other than that, their stock seemed decent (I’m not sure whether that’s a good sign orRead The Post

Doll Review: Madame Alexander Fan Girl Iron Man

Something you probably didn’t know is that, along with dolls and model horses, I secretly collect Marvel stuff.  That’s right!  Iron Man and The Avengers happen to be two of my favorite movies! So get ready because today we are going to review: When I read about these Marvel Fan Girl dolls back in August, I absolutely freaked!  As far as I know, this is the first time someone has made a collection of dolls inspired by the Marvel Super Heroes. The five dolls in this series are: Captain America Black Widow Spider Gwen Black Panther Iron Man They are available at Toys R UsRead The Post