Make Miniature Captain Marvel Comic Books For Your Dolls.

Can you believe it!  Marvel released three trailers in the same week–THREE!  I’m reeling with excitement😵! It all started with the second Captain Marvel trailer debuting on ESPN last Monday (December 4th). Then came the long-awaited Avengers 4 trailer and title reveal!  Fellow Marvel fans, I present the official trailer for Avengers Endgame: GREAT SCOTT!  Tony Stark is lost in space without food or water!  Not only that, he’s quickly running out of oxygen😱.  I think Marvel has it out for me.  First Loki and now Tony! Well, if you think we’re gonna sit around and let Iron Man die, you’ve got another thing coming!  AfterRead The Post

Crafts Under Construction.

Where have all the craft posts gone?  Well, with the house under construction, my ability to craft is limited. This is why I have strayed a little off topic lately and created other things like Marvel fan videos (I’ve done three so far–it’s addicting! You can watch them on our YouTube channel). Still, I can only go so long without doing a doll-related craft.  So today I thought I’d show you some of the things I’m slowly working on. Craft Under Construction 1–The Ever After High Castle: Yes, the Ever After High Castle still exists, but it’s being re-repainted.  I thought giving the castle aRead The Post

How to make a 1:6 scale doll desk inspired by Tony Stark's workshop desk.

Get out your toolbox because today we are creating the coolest doll desk you’ll ever see!  What’s so special about this particular desk? It’s inspired by Tony Stark’s workshop desk! I was browsing Pinterest late one night (something I do a lot of, apparently😉) when an image of a Hot Toys Tony Stark standing in front of a light-up desk popped up into my feed.  Of course, I had to click it! I believe the 1:6 scale piece of Stark inspired furniture I stumbled upon is made by a company called Toys Box.  The desk is modern looking, has LED effects, and costs about $50–andRead The Post

Doll Craft: Crocheted Easter Basket For Barbie Dolls.

Yikes!  I can’t believe it’s almost April!  That means Easter is right around the corner! Egads!  I totally forgot to make Easter crafts! That’s a great idea, Tink! We will be crocheting in the round to make this basket, which means the first we need to do is create a center ring or “magic ring”. Making the Magic Ring: Loop the yarn (or crochet thread) around your index finger twice. Insert the hook through the center of the loop (between your finger and the yarn). Yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop, then yarn over and pull through to make a chain stitch.Read The Post

How To Make A Laptop For Barbie Dolls.

I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to get back to crafting!  There’s a mile-long list of things to make and clothes to sew floating around in my head, and the time has come for me to turn those ideas into miniature realities. So, this week I updated my dolls’ tech with some new laptops! Want to see how I made them?  Then dust off your tinkering tools and let’s start crafting! To make the laptop you will need: Laptop Printables from our Printables And Freebies page. Scissors. Glue. Cardstock, paperboard, or heavy construction paper. Mod Podge and a paintbrush.   Go ourRead The Post

I hope you’re ready to get wet because today I am going to show you how to wash your doll’s hair plus style it into an adorable bow! “Which lucky doll will be the recipient of this new do?” you ask. Everyone, meet Blondie Locks from Ever After High’s Through The Woods collection. I am still (slowly) trying to finish up my Ever After High collection, and Blondie Locks was another character I hoped to get.  However, poor Blondie came with a bad case of messy box hair. You can see here where some glue has leaked onto the hood of the cape.    Read The Post