Changing your blog’s name can be scary.  After moving from Blogger to WordPress, I swore I’d never rename my site.  Yet, here I am contemplating doing just that. Why on earth would I change my blog’s name? Well, there are several reasons why: Your blog’s name and url don’t match (a major SEO no-no). The name is too generic. The name is too narrow. You chose a name on a whim without researching trademarks or the domain’s background. The url is too long or hard to spell. You simply found a better name. For me, it’s reasons 2, 4, and 6. The name is tooRead The Post

Is it true that having a steller About Me page is critical for blogging success? Bloggers swear that, besides your home page, your About Me is the most visited area of your site.  In all honesty, though, my About Me page gets very few hits.  It’s definitely not the first thing you see when googling Tinker Bell’s Treasure. Still, I agree that most bloggers need a place where they introduce themselves to their readers (and possible collaborators) and tell them why they are unique in the blogosphere. Maybe it’s corny, but I fully believe that every person has a story to tell. It doesn’t matterRead The Post

Thirty Instagram Hashtags For Doll And Toy Bloggers.

What is a hashtag besides a pound sign followed by a string of letters? Three years ago, I knew diddly squat about hashtags, but then I began blogging and opened an Instagram account to show off pics of my dolls and action figures.  Sadly, I knew nothing about the platform.  I’d post a picture, write a quick caption, add a generic hashtag (maybe two if I felt bold), and call it a day.  How embarrassing😳! The result?  My account sat stagnant.  No followers, no likes, no comments…nada.  I needed an Instagram crash course big-time!  Specifically, I needed to learn how to use that funny symbolRead The Post

Welcome back to our Virtual Gadgets Every Blogger Needs miniseries!  Today is all about Evernote–the fantastic app I use to create shopping lists and organize my online life! I discovered Evernote about two years ago.  At the time I was still using Blogger and was about to throw my laptop out the window due to losing another draft! Fortunately for Mr. Laptop, I decided against reducing him to a pile of electronic scraps.  Afterall, it really wasn’t his fault the post was lost–it was Bloggers.  I tend to work on posts throughout the day which means my draft is open all day.  I guess Blogger’sRead The Post

The Virtual Gadgets Every Blogger Needs--A Mini-Series Reviewing Popular Blogging Resources.

Along with publishing DIY projects and reviewing my favorite doll related products, I want to help other doll bloggers by showing them ways to create content and improve their writing skills–and what better way to do that than by writing a mini-series reviewing some of my favorite blogging tools! If you’ve visited our Blogging Resources page, then you’ve seen the list of blogging tools and apps we use to run this site.  But, I want to do more than just list these products and expect you to trust they’re beneficial.  I want you to see them in action so you’ll know what to expect ifRead The Post

Why I Switched From Blogger To WordPress.

Would you like to take your blog to the next level by upgrading to a self-hosted WordPress site, but not sure where to start or if the investment is even worth it? Well, you’re not alone! I was in that exact same boat last year.  I hosted my blog on Blogger for two years before finally diving into the deep waters of WordPress.  And you know what?  I couldn’t be happier! So, today I thought we’d take a break from our usual doll related topics to talk about the advantages of self-hosting and why moving from Blogger to WordPress has been the best decision I’veRead The Post