Avengers 4 Theories–Loki’s Return

My Marvel fandom runs deep. Superheroes and fairytales are part of me.  It was only a matter of time before posts like this popped up.

Avengers: Infinity War left us with death and destruction.  Many believe the heartache will continue in Avengers 4 (whose name is top-secret) by killing off the remaining heroes.

But I don’t want to see Cap laid to rest, Tony sacrifice himself to save the world (again), or Loki strangled to death–oh, wait, that already happened.

So, I thought we’d explore some Avengers 4 theories that don’t have a tragic ending, starting with Loki.

Avengeres 4 Theories: Will Loki return?

Some of the theories referenced in this post come from Reddit and 4chan.  I will not be posting direct links to the leaks, though, because these sites are not family friendly.  Also, if it isn’t clear enough, this post has spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and possibly its sequel. Considered yourself warned and read at your own risk😉


No Resurrections This Time–Will Loki’s Return?

Let’s take a moment to mourn the god of mischief.

Loki has died before, but this time it might actually be true.
Because Loki has died before and come back, some believe his death should be permanent for impact.  Really?  You think seeing him strangled and his body thrown to the ground wasn’t impactful?

Thankfully, there are leaked photos showing Tom Hiddleston on set for Avengers 4.  These pictures show what looks like the aftermath of the Battle of New York along with a cuffed and muzzled Loki being led down a hall (you can see the photos here on Just Jared).

So, it appears that Loki returns, but we don’t know how or to what extent.  Some believe it’s a flashback, others say time travel.

If it is time travel (which even the writers have hinted takes place in Avengers 4), Loki might survive thanks to an alternate timeline where he never dies.  Maybe Thor travels back in time and warns Loki about his meeting with Thanos and future death?

True, there are horrific ramifications of disrupting the space-time continuum.

Back To The Future Quote--Doc Brown explaining the space-time continuum.

Well, that's a relief.

Hey, I’m willing to take a chance if it prevents Loki’s death!

Even if time travel doesn’t come into play, there are still ways for Loki to return.

Something Marvel fans noticed right away is a strange shadow hovering in the background when Loki dies. To some, it looks like a shapeless blob; but to others, it looks like a human figure wearing a horned helmet.

Did Loki use an illusion to escape Thanos?

I wanted to put the shadow theory to the test, so I asked my dad to tell me if he spotted any during this scene (I already knew where it was by this point).  He found it immediately.  No need to rewind or pause the movie and didn’t need any clues.  He pointed to it and shouted, “There it is! Right there!”.

Sister, however, isn’t convinced.  She claims it’s either a guard on the other ship or a piece of broken spacecraft.

Fortunately, the floating figure isn’t the only hint that Loki’s trickery was at work during this scene.  A sharp-eyed Redditor pointed out that Loki holds his weapons in his right hand.  The only time he uses his left hand is in Thor: Dark World when he casts an illusion to trick Malekith (notice he switches his knife back to his right hand to fight).

So, isn’t it odd that he’s holding his dagger in his left hand when preparing to stab Thanos?  Is it possible the master of magic tricked the master of murder?

Did Loki fake his death in Avengers: Infinity War?

Loki’s illusions working like a mirror makes perfect sense to me.

Now, think back to what Odin tells young Loki and Thor in the first movie.  He says only one of them will inherit the throne (of Asgard), but both were born to be kings.  Before falling into the Odinsleep, he also admits he spared Loki because he hoped to bring peace between the Jotuns and Asgardians.

Could Odin’s words be a foreshadowing to Loki eventually becoming king of Jotunheim?

Another interesting Reddit theory suggests Loki sacrificed himself.  There’s speculation that Thanos waited for Odin and the Ancient One to die before attempting to wipe out half the population because they had the power to stop him.  Loki may have known this and given his life, so he could go to Valhalla and get advice from Asgard’s past warriors and kings, including Odin.  He could then relay the information to Thor through a vision.

Is it a little out there?  Probably.  But it’s a way for Loki to return, so let’s not knock it.

Unfortunately, we won’t really know Loki’s fate until Avengers 4 comes out next May.  Marvel is skilled at reviving characters, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that our favorite trickster will return in films beyond Avengers 4.

Now, before I go, I’ve got a little something for you.  I’ve been dabbling in making Marvel fan videos (just for the fun of it) and made a special tribute to Reindeer Games.

Click the video below if you’d like to watch:


Hope you guys had fun talking Loki theories, and feel free to drop a comment sharing your own!


  1. Loki is my guilty pleasure. 🙂 I’ve read that since he didn’t turn Jotun after he died in IW, like he did in Thor 2, he’s not really dead. We can only hope.

    There are some Avengers that just aren’t going to die, or aren’t going to stay dead. Spiderman, for example, has at least one movie coming up. I think Chris Evans has expressed that he’s pretty much done playing Cap, so will Cap die, or would they just recast him? I’ve seen more than one person say that Iron Man is pretty much uncastable beyond RDJ, so he may die eventually. I know that will make you sad.

    1. Author

      Yes, I’ve read that too! Him not reverting to a Frost Giant is important to note, especially since his death in Thor 2 was supposed to be real. There was such a backlash from fans though that, before releasing the movie, the producers “resurrected” him and filmed that final scene with Loki on the throne.

      Your right, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange are clearly not staying dead. They’re already working on sequels for those characters.
      Chris Evans has been quite vocal about leaving the franchise, so I agree he’s the most likely original Avenger to die (however, I also read an interview where he said he’s game to return for Phase 4 if Marvel wants him, so who knows🤷).

      Yeah, they could never recast Iron Man. RDJ’s version is too much to live up to. I realize he’ll leave the franchise eventually, but think there are so many ways to write out a character besides death. Retirement with a family sounds good to me😉!

  2. This is interesting, I am not really an marvel fan (Though I do like Iron Man) so I am not sure I can add any more theory like ideas onto the one you already have. 🙂
    But…this may sound weird, but I didn’t really like that Loki died in IW however I for some reason was happy that everyone else did. (because now Robert Donnie Junior can be in Sherlock Holmes 3) *shrugs* (though note: I never did see IW.)
    Anyway this is an awesome theory,

    1. *Downey

    2. Author

      Glad you liked the theories! I know they’re probably way off, but Loki is a favorite and has to return. The fans demand it😁! His death in Infinity War was pretty horrid–not bloody (thank goodness)–just tragic. I’ve heard Downey’s version of Sherlock is awesome. I think they’ve started filming Sherlock 3, right? I don’t watch the Sherlock shows, so I’m not sure, but thought I read it somewhere.

      1. Yes, they are filming Sherlock Holmes 3 movie now. 🙂

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