Crafts Under Construction.

Where have all the craft posts gone?  Well, with the house under construction, my ability to craft is limited. This is why I have strayed a little off topic lately and created other things like Marvel fan videos (I’ve done three so far–it’s addicting! You can watch them on our YouTube channel). Still, I can only go so long without doing a doll-related craft.  So today I thought I’d show you some of the things I’m slowly working on. Craft Under Construction 1–The Ever After High Castle: Yes, the Ever After High Castle still exists, but it’s being re-repainted.  I thought giving the castle aRead The Post

Avengers 4 Theories: Tony Stark.

Wow, the Marvel Universe is hopping!  Every day something new pops up either confirming or shedding new light on trending Marvel theories and rumors.  Right now, the hottest subject is the Avengers 4 title. A few weeks ago, Jeremy Conrad revealed the possible title of Avengers 4 on his website, MCU Cosmic.  According to him, the title is Avengers: Annihilation.  While Disney nor Marvel have confirmed this, it’s starting to look like he is right. Kevin Feige recently gave an update saying the first Avengers 4 trailer will drop before the end of the year.  Most believe it will come the last week of November,Read The Post

Egads!  This should have been published last week!  Alas, life happens–or rather viruses happen.  Being sick is always horrible, but it’s especially tough when you battle something like Adrenal Insufficiency.  Viruses and low cortisol don’t mix well.  Because of this, I avoid crowds once flu season hits or wear a surgical mask when I go out.  Unfortunately, my precautions didn’t stop this sucker, and I’ve been sidelined for the last week😷. But enough about me and my health status (so boring).  Let’s get to the topic of today: Captain America and Crossbones from the Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years series! The toy stores inRead The Post

Doll News: Fall 2018.

I admit I’ve been a bit distracted with my Marvel figures and Avengers 4 “research”.  Hey, half the universe is a pile of ash!  Whispers that the future holds nothing but annihilation are everywhere!  There is no way I can go five months without digging for some nuggets of hope. But I think it’s time to take a break from the reviews and movie discussions to check out a few newly released dolls and upcoming Marvel Legends figures. The Nutcracker And The Four Realms: Disney’s reimagined version of the Nutcracker hits theaters on November 2nd, and the dolls are already showing up in stores (atRead The Post

Avengers 4 Theories: Captain America.

Is this it?  Is this the end of Captain America? For the last eight years God’s Righteous Man has inspired audiences to stand against evil, never give up, and watch their language.  But, according to recent headlines on Marvel news sites, the Man Out Of Time is running out of time. Steve Rodgers: He’s the skinny kid from Brooklyn who doesn’t like bullies.  He undergoes Dr. Erskine’s “Super Soldier” experiment hoping to join the army and protect America and its allies from Nazi Germany.  After receiving the serum, he triples in size becoming the lionhearted defender we have today.  Steve Rodgers is Captain America. HeRead The Post

Marvel Studios Legends Series Tony Stark and Mark I Review.

OMG!  Tony Stark and Mark 1 have landed in my mailbox!  I’m freaking out! Hasbro releasing a Marvel Legends Tony Stark for their Marvel Studios: First Ten Years line is a big deal for me since I never got the one that came with the comic subscription. But, dang it took a long time for this 2-pack to come out!  Then, when it did show up on Walmart’s site, there was either a big fat out-of-stock or no longer available message next to the image. Whether they were selling out that fast or if it was a glitch in the site is a mystery toRead The Post